Why having HVAC repair will help your cooling cost?

Lots of people are wondering how to save money on their heating and cooling. Heating and cooling costs can be very high for the current home owner. There are lots of ways to save money on your HVAC system. The primary way that you can save money is having your HVAC repair system checked and maintain yearly. The importance behind this is that your system starts having small problems that you can’t recognize them on a daily basis. For instance, your heating unit could be getting holes in the coils that on first glance you couldn’t see. However, if you let this problem consist then it could create a carbon dioxide problem that would bring damage to your home and family. The other way to save money on your home HVAC system is to replace you air filter on a regular basis. Often times home owners forget to replace these filters. These filters will often times get dirt and dust in it. If left unattended these filters will get really thick and keep the air flow from getting through. If this filter is left like this, then it will begin to effect your system. It can either cause your system to shut down or wear it down where it will need to be replaced. Once this happens you could be looking at replacing your system for around $6000. When looking for hvac repair Lexington KY, it is helpful to think about companies that have a great background with helping customers think through these type of things.

Facts About Trees

Interesting Facts About How Trees Help to Save Humanity

Taken from article from the website: http://www.nitrofill.com/TreeFacts.aspx

  1. An average size tree produces enough oxygen in one year to keep a family of four breathing.
  2. Three trees planted in the right place around buildings can cut air-conditioning costs up to 50 percent.
  3. Trees increase the value of property. Houses surrounded by trees sell for 18-25 percent higher than houses with no trees.
  4. Tree Trees generate jobs and contribute raw materials for buildings, newspapers, books and more than 15,000 other forest products. Trees are renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. Wood by-products become such products as vitamins, plastics, vanilla flavoring, photographic film, toothpaste and medicines.
  5. By planting 20 million trees, the earth and its people will be provided with 260 million more tons of oxygen. Those same 20 million trees will remove 10 million tons of CO2.
  6. Trees provide shelter and food for wildlife such as birds, squirrels, and bugs. Groves of trees provide food and cover for larger mammals, such as raccoons and deer.
  7. Trees make people feel good. Workers are more productive when they see trees along their commute routes and from their office windows.
  8. Hospital patients who have a view of trees heal faster, use fewer pain medications, and leave the hospital sooner than patients with a view of a brick wall. Patients with a view of trees spend 8 percent fewer days in the hospital.
  9. Consumers are willing to spend more money in shopping districts with trees. They are willing to pay more for products purchased in a shopping district with trees. Those same shoppers also say they are willing to stay longer and rate the products and stores as higher quality in a shopping district with the trees.
  10. Trees in the landscape relax us, lower heart rates, and reduce stress.

Fighting To Save Trees

Apart of what we do here W-Stats Tree Arborists is that we focus on educating the public on the purpose for taking care of our world. Specifically, we focus on making sure that trees are protected and planted. We have joined with the Arbor Day Foundation to better help educate those around us with the importance of what we are doing. Our partnership has been thriving and it has enabled us to be a better organization as we try draw attention to the needs of our communities.

Here are some reasons for why we need trees:

Trees clean our air.

Trees help with our health.

Trees provide us with oxygen.

Trees help with our drinking water.

Trees help with cooling of the temperature.

Trees reduce effects of climate change.

Trees save energy.

Trees help animals.

Trees increase property value.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons why we should bring more awareness to everyone with regards to making sure we are taking care of this valuable commodity. With this in mind, we are joining together with River City Tree Service to challenge everyone who is living in Richmond VA to plant 1 tree a year. This means that every year they would plant over 200,000 trees. This is a test case study to see if we can begin implementing this approach in other areas of the country. We believe if local cities begin to take this on as a part of their vision for their city and neighborhoods, then we will not having any problems moving forward with the loss of trees in our community. Would you join with us to raise awareness in this city? Would you be willing to raise awareness in your own city? We are constantly looking for volunteers to help us.

Tree Aborist Research Team

We are so glad to announce that W-Stats is back up and running. We have been working without our website for about 5 years. During this time, we have been collecting data with regards to tree resources and how trees within the U.S. are functioning. We offer invaluable resources for what areas need a greater tree population and what areas need to be cleaned out and planted again. If you would like to be apart of what we are doing, then please feel free to contact us to see how you can support our endeavors.